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We thoroughly enjoy staying in touch with new and old friends we’ve made through New Slate Films, and we love hearing how a New Slate Film has improved the businesses of those who embark on that journey with us. We recently heard back from a happy New Slate customer about the results of her promotional documentary, and thought we’d share her story with you. Hanna, of Hanna Lee Style, saw a 120% increase in new customers conversion from her website after adding her customized New Slate Film to her home page. Watch her video.

Why Hanna Lee Style Chose New Slate

Hanna Lee is a personal stylist living and working in Chicago. She started her own business, Hannah Lee Style in late 2009. Hannah came to New Slate in June of 2011 because she felt her business needed something new.

“It’s difficult to really explain or represent what I’m capable of to new and potential clients through word of mouth or my website alone. What I do is very visual, it’s not just about the clothes or the person wearing them, but also the movement and flow of each person and piece separately that really demonstrates what Hanna Lee Style is all about”

“I was seeing quite a lot of traffic to my website, but didn’t understand why more people weren’t contacting me for a consultation. Partnering with New Slate Films is the best business decision I’ve made so far, not to mention they were so fun and wonderful to work with. They walked me through every step of the process with patience and ease and created a video that is distinctive to me, my business, and the message I wanted to share with anyone visiting my site.”


The Result

We asked Hanna about the video and it’s performance and this is what she had to say.

“I started getting more calls the same week I added my video to my website. Before I knew it the video was being shared on facebook, on blogs, and various other places. There was such an influx of interest in my company that I almost didn’t know what to do! The brand that I’ve created with the help of the phenomenal team at New Slate has been steadily growing ever since, and I know it’s because of their video. Since I’ve added video to my site, the number of people who visit my site to the number that actually contact me has increased 120% based on my analytics. It’s professional, personal, and most importantly relevant.”

“I recently received a call from a national magazine about a partnership opportunity, because they visited my site and loved my video. The representative specifically said to me, “you understand the importance and relevance of video, so we can tell you know what you’re doing.”

We were so excited to hear back from Hannah, and to know that we were able to share in her road to success. Congratulations Hanna! Check out Hanna’s website to see one of the ways she is utilizing her marketing video.