5 Things You’re Doing Wrong While Promoting your Business Through Videos

//5 Things You’re Doing Wrong While Promoting your Business Through Videos

5 Things You’re Doing Wrong While Promoting your Business Through Videos

You have all the essential ingredients that constitute an ideal, effective corporate video. A perfect idea and the fact that you know major businesses are using this medium of marketing may make you feel that you are completely geared for success. If yes, then you might have set yourself up for failure my friend.

There are certain mistakes that you need to keep in mind when it comes to promoting your business through videos. Here are the five most common ones that can sink a video campaign.

#1 Ambiguous Message

No matter how tempting it is, avoid multiple topics when it comes to your corporate video. Stick to one, clear message and work your strategy around that idea. An amalgamation of ideas will result in an overall ambiguous message to your audience and they may just turn to your competitors!

#2 Confusing Call To Action

All the effort put into the perfect corporate video will go downhill if you fail to include an appropriate call to action in your video. Make sure that you caption your business contact details with the video, or simply add a prominent hyperlink to your website if you post the video on YouTube. It is the call to action that converts happy viewers into happy buyers.

#3 Slacking Off SEO Practices

Good SEO strategies can place your business on the online global map. Upload relevant content to generate effective traffic on your website and invest time and money into optimization. Failing to implement proper SEO practices while marketing your video will lower your rankings and no matter how good your video is, most people will not get a chance to view it.

#4 Lengthening The Video Unnecessarily

Let’s face it, smart technology has limited our attention spans. So, it will not be incorrect to say that a long video will not do anything for your business! Stick to short, two to three minute videos that exhibit your ideas and messages instantly.

#5 Choosing the Wrong Partner

If you are looking for a Chicago based production company, the variety of options available in the market can make finding the perfect choice difficult. Ending up with someone unprofessional is not only bad for your brand, but also has a negative influence on the overall business. However, hiring someone with proper resources, experience and knowledge will help you excel in the corporate video world. Conduct thorough market research and ask around before you make a choice!

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