Avoid These 4 Worst Video Marketing Mistakes At All Costs!

//Avoid These 4 Worst Video Marketing Mistakes At All Costs!

Avoid These 4 Worst Video Marketing Mistakes At All Costs!

Promotional videos are perhaps one of the most effective and enjoyable marketing tools. Emerging technologies have made it possible for almost everyone to make promotional videos that can convey their messages clearly to a wider audience. Having your promotional video made by a professional video production company will allow you to enjoy all the benefits while being completely hassle free.

However, there are some very common video marketing mistakes that you must avoid at all costs to make your promotional video more successful.

1.    Not Communicating with the Production Company

Promotional videos can be extremely personal even if your reason for having them made was to promote your business. In a way, they are meant to represent a part of you. That’s why it is of utmost importance that the video should be able to convey your message precisely as you mean it. If you leave everything up to the production company then you can’t really blame anyone other than yourself if the end product does not live up to your expectations. That’s why when you approach the production company, make sure to ask for a meeting to discuss your ideas, expectations and important points.

2.    Misleading the Audience

More often than not the main purpose of the promotional video is shown at the very end. This is not a very effective strategy if you want people to be positively affected by your video because your audience might feel misled. Messages conveyed toward the end of the video are often dismissed. Also, doing that would be under utilizing the effectiveness of this promising marketing platform. Make sure that the essence of your message surrounds each frame of the video in one form or another.

3.    Not Making the Video Appropriate to the Target Audience

This happens a lot more commonly than people think. To give the video a certain flare, you might sometimes overshoot the mark. It’s true that the best type of promotional videos are the ones that speak to everyone, but if you opt for that style then there is a chance that your target audience might completely miss the point. Thus, it renders your video more or less useless.

4.    Letting the Length of the Video Get Out of Hand

Good promotional videos need to be able to hook the audience within the first few seconds because more often than not, the first ten seconds are enough to decide the success of your video. Good and effective promotional videos shouldn’t be longer than 2 or 3 minutes. Depending on the subject, you can make the video longer, but making it too long might prove to be detrimental as your target audience might get bored and switch it off.

Being one of the best video production firms in Chicago, we understand the challenges of making a good promotional video and specialize in overcoming them. To know more about our production styles, you can contact us any time.

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