Derek Jeter has been one of the most famous baseball players in the history of the game and his career comes to the end this year after nearly 20 years and over 3000 hits.  That makes him one of only 28 players to reach that mark.

So Nike and the Jordan brand create a beautiful 90 second ad to say goodbye to the legendary New York Yankee.

The add is filled with stars.  Who’s in the new Derek Jeter Respect ad? Spike Lee and former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Phil Jackson and Maya Moore, to Jay Z and Billy Crystal, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, former Yankees manager Joe Torre and many former players.

The ad will appear during the 2014 all star game before the online pokies or free pokies game, but you can see it here.  This is a remarkable ad that will bring you goosebumps. It’s an example of an ad that can go viral and has over 1 million hits just on the first day of publishing.