With the number of independent films growing year after year and creating more and more jobs and taking more and more investment dollars, many are beginning to call independent filmmakers the 8th studio.  There are seven large Hollywood studios that create the majority of theatrical movies. 

Sundance is less than a week away and their info-graphic shows the great expansion in the dollars invested in independent filmmaker in the last few years, game before the online pokies or free pokies game.  Over 12,000 films have been submitted to Sundance this year from 37 countries.

Besides from the good news showing growth in spending dollars (over 3 billion dollars)  and entries (over 12000) year after year, there is a harsh reality.  Less than a 100 films submitted to Sundance 2014 will get any distribution deals next week.  That is less then 100 films from more than 12000 submitted.  That’s less than 1% distribution.  Ouch!

Regardless of the numbers, people are still investing and people are still making independent films, more than ever before.


Sundance 2014 Infographic: Film Festival by the Numbers

From: www.culturalweekly.com.