Million Dollar Advertising: The Most Expensive Video Commercials Ever Made

//Million Dollar Advertising: The Most Expensive Video Commercials Ever Made

Million Dollar Advertising: The Most Expensive Video Commercials Ever Made

The meaning of the phrase “you have to spend money to make money” can be best understood when we look at video advertising. Businesses spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to creatively get their message across to potential consumers. Ever heard of million dollar advertising? Big corporation spend millions of dollars to advertise their products. And it’s not a whole campaign they design with this budget; it usually involves just one video advert. This sort of thing makes you wonder, which are the most expensive video commercials ever made?

5. Pepsi (2002) $8.1 Million

The Pepsi advert from the year 2002 featured one of the most popular music stars of the time, Britney Spears. The video showed Britney throughout different time periods enjoying the beverage. The cost of this advert was an impressive $8.1 million, and the success of this advert also landed Miss Spears a nice little endorsement contract with Pepsi.

4. Chrysler (2011) $12 million

Chrysler’s 2011 advert announced the return of the American automobile industry with a bang. It starred rapper Eminem who talks about the heart of American motor industry, Detroit. The narration explains how the city was once revered for its auto industry and how recently it has struggled with unemployment. But Chrysler made sure that the audiences take notice of the motor city’s comeback with a $12 million advertisement.

3. Aviva Insurance (2008) $13.4 million

Talk about using star power to sell your products or services, Aviva insurance in 2008 produced an advert which starred the likes of Bruce Willis, Ringo Starr, Alice Cooper and Elle McPherson. The company went all out with a $13.4 million production because they were in the middle of rebranding themselves and they employed these celebrities and others to tell the public their new name.

2. Guinness Beer (2007) $20 million

The most unique advert in this list is the Guinness Beer advert from 2007. What made it distinctive was that it didn’t involve any celebrities, special effects or any other kind of theatrics. So what could have cost the $20 million that Guinness Beer paid for this advert? Well that would be the dominoes. The whole advert involved dominoes falling and after 180 seconds the tag line was revealed ‘Good things come to those who wait’.

1. Chanel no.5 (2004) $33 million

And the most expensive advert ever made is the Chanel no.5 ad from 2004. It cost a mind-numbing $33 million. It starred Nicole Kidman and was directed by celebrated feature film director, Baz Lurhmann. The whole advert had the feel of a blockbuster movie but the duration was just a couple of minutes.

Spending that much money on a single advertisement must seem crazy to most people, but to corporations such as the ones mentioned above, this is a regular theme and well worth the exorbitant costs. They know the impact a well-made advertisement can have on their revenues.

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