Optimizing Your Corporate Video For Search Engines

//Optimizing Your Corporate Video For Search Engines

Optimizing Your Corporate Video For Search Engines

In addition to visual media for marketing a business, one of the most effective tools currently being used to market ones business in the market is through videos. However, marketing video production is likely to saturate owing to tough competition.

However, to gain a competitive edge, the medium you use for marketing is not it; it is HOW you use it, which makes a difference. These days, search engines are the ultimate source, or rather access points of a business. This means that if your video is optimized according to the search engine requirements, your business is likely to rank on the first page! Here are a few tips you can use for search engine optimization.

Keyword Optimization

Keywords are basically those phrases that people are most likely to type when they are looking for services similar to what you are providing. For example, if you are providing business startup services, people are likely to search for you by “best business startup plans”, etc. Use the Google Keyword Planner Tool to come up with the best keywords for your services.

Appropriate Thumbnail

The first look is what will ultimately decide if an individual presses the ‘play’ button on your video. This is where the thumbnail of the video comes in. In addition to focusing on a catchy title for the video, choose an appropriate thumbnail for the video. This thumbnail should evoke enough interest in the video that an individual’s first instinct is to press play.

Including Transcripts

Search engines do not index the keywords that are being used in the video. However, in order to increase your overall ranking, considering including transcripts of the video, alongside the video. This will not only highlight the presence of important keywords, but individuals who want a detailed description regarding the services can read the transcripts for a better understanding!

Collaborating With the Right Team

If you are looking for a business video production, that will help you deliver the true essence of your business, then New Slate Films is the ideal choice for you!

We, at New Slate Films, are dedicated to providing individuals and businesses with a unique opportunity to tell their stories. We deal in corporate and business promotional videos, legal and medical video production, and website and YouTube video marketing. New Slate Films aims to connect you to your audience. Moreover, we let the audience know that whatever your business has to offer is worth their time. We pride ourselves in finding ways to get the desired message across to the largest possible audience.

If you need more information or have any queries, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help!

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