Shooting a Promo Video? Remember These 7 Tips

//Shooting a Promo Video? Remember These 7 Tips

Shooting a Promo Video? Remember These 7 Tips

A great promotional video can give new life to your company, because video has the power to make the most effective impact on the audience. But to enjoy the many benefits of a promotional video, you need to hire a professional production company while keeping the following aspects in mind:


When you are looking for an idea for creating a promotional video, keep this phrase in mind: ‘multi-purpose video’. This will help you create a video that will get the most value for your investment. A video that has been created to promote your company to your customers can also be used as an introduction video for your employees, with minor tweaks.

Concept is Key

When you are developing a script or just in the idea generation phase of the promo video, you need to remember that a strong concept is essential for producing an effective promotional video. So, work hard on coming up with a concept that will jump out and grab the attention of the audience.

Remember the Budget

The budget that you have to work with should always be in your mind when developing an idea. Keep the production realistic and don’t add things that will increase the cost of the production.

On-screen Talent

The promo video will be all about your company’s image in front of the audience. So, you should keep it about your company and picture your employees in the promo video. But don’t try to force people who aren’t good on camera to act in the video; hire actors if needed.

Listen to the Professionals

The production professionals that you have hired have experience in the field and they know what they are doing; follow their lead and don’t try to take over the project. Do provide them with your input wherever you feel necessary.

For the Audience

Always remember a simple fact: the video is for your target audience. The purpose for what you are producing the video should also be clear. Both of these facts will help you produce a video that will have maximum impact on the audience.

The Script

Stick to the script during the production process; don’t make any major changes. That would make it difficult for the production company to do their job. You can change a line or dialogue if you want, but nothing like changing the location of the shoot.
Make sure you hire the right full-service production company to make your promotional video. Work with them and make sure that they keep you in the loop regarding the progress of the production.

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