5 Reasons You’ll Change Your Mind About Online Video Marketing

//5 Reasons You’ll Change Your Mind About Online Video Marketing

5 Reasons You’ll Change Your Mind About Online Video Marketing

Marketing through the use of video online isn’t a new hype or trend, and it’s definitely not going out of style any time soon.  The method has been around for years, and it’s gained quite a bit of ground with businesses all over the world.  If you’re not using online video as a method to catch the attention of all those potential customers floating around in cyber space, how do you expect to contend with your competitors that are?  After all, you don’t want to be left in the fray.

Still not sure?  Here are 5 simple reasons that should change your mind:

The U.S. Market is BIG

According to comScore*, one of the leaders in internet analytics, over 52%of the U.S. population watched video advertisements online in March 2013 alone.  And together, they watched a whopping 13.2 BILLION video ads, collectively spending 5 BILLION MINUTES of their time do to so.  Still think no one will watch your marketing video?

Sell Sell Sell!

Visitors to online retail sites are 64% more likely to buy a product from a company that provides video content to their customers.  That’s a significant percentage – a percentage you can’t afford to be missing out on.  And 90% of online shoppers surveyed by comScore, say they find video to be an incredibly helpful tool when making purchasing decisions.  Major retailers also reported that products displayed in video sell better than those without.

The Power of 2

We’ve talked about the power of 2 before – it’s the extra two minutes visitors average when staying on your site if you provide a form of video.  Whether it be comprised of how-to, explainer, or even just an introduction to you or your company, those extra two minutes mean a lot.  Not only do customers become that much more familiar with your brand or business, but when the all-knowing Google bots decide where your site ranks in a search, they take into account the average length visitors stay on your site.

Gain Traction in Your B2B Relations

 According to this Forbes Insight article (you can also download the full report at the bottom of the article’s page), business executives are looking to online video more often to gather and filter business information.  75%of the executives surveyed admitted to watching business related videos on the web once a week.  65% of them said they visit the website of the ads they watch to possibly make a connection.

You Don’t Have to Run Your Ad during the Super Bowl to Get Noticed

The most popular and most watched ads every year are probably those that run during the Super Bowl (isn’t that the best part?).  108 MILLION people watched the Super Bowl this year.  However, this year was a little different.  Many brands advertising during the Super Bowl decided to release their ads early online as well.  Those that released their ads or previews of their ads online, had 600% more views than those that didn’t.  That means 6 times the amount of people watched Super Bowl commercials online than they actually did during the game.  If that doesn’t prove online video marketing should be your number one platform for advertising, we don’t know what will.

*All statistics provided by comScore, an American Internet analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to many of the world’s largest enterprises, agencies, and publishers.

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