No two marketing videos are created equal. We’ve gone over a number of variables that will affect the outcome of the finished product in previous posts. And whether you decide to hire a production company or opt to create your video content on your own, the question remains: what now?

A common mistake companies make after creating video content for their sites, is not utilizing it so it can reach its full potential. Video is not just an engaging alternative to stand alone text or static images on your site, it can be so much more! It can help bridge the gap between your URL and the rest of the internet community if you want it to by taking some of these steps into consideration.


The key to making your video content reach it’s full potential is to see its full potential. If you already have, or plan on creating video content, you probably see the value in it, but do you see it as the investment that it is? Because that’s exactly what it is, an investment. Even if you choose to produce your own videos over the services of a production company, your time is worth money. Take into consideration the time it may take you to learn the technicalities, the money you could spend on equipment and software, and what that time is worth to you (all dependent on the kind of quality you want to end up with). Either way, given that you’ve decided to DIY or hire a production company, you’re investing your time and money. Like any investment, you want it to reveal its worth and grow over time. But your investment in marketing video can’t make an impact unless you take the additional steps to introduce it to the world.


Chances are, potential and current clients aren’t checking your site very regularly for updates. They are, however, checking Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest all the live long day. Even if you don’t have video content yet, you should go where the masses are. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, it’s important to engage customers on their own turf, and having a social media presence is the perfect way to do that. Sharing your video content when you have it on social platforms, is the ultimate way to capture the attention of your desired audience and to essentially lead them to your site. And if you’re sharing it, chances are others will too, breathing life into your video’s potential and increasing its viewership.


One of the superlative benefits of going social with your video, is that many viewers aren’t going to keep their opinions to themselves. Allowing viewers to comment on your content after viewing is a good indicator of what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and what kind of video content they might like to see from you in the future. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than hiring a polling company to get you that kind of information. And the video will open a door of communication with your viewers.


No one checks the yellow pages anymore. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: if your company doesn’t have an online presence, it might as well not exist. But why limit your online existence to your URL alone? Your videos don’t have to live on your site alone. Are you marketing online beyond your site, buying ad-space, or engaging on forums? Post your videos to your marketing campaigns and anywhere else it might be relevant to help encourage visits to your site. After all, your marketing video can’t have much of an impact if it’s just hanging out in one place waiting to be found.


While having video content on your site will help your ranking on Google, it won’t help anyone discover your business on YouTube or Vimeo. YouTube isn’t just a site that hosts videos, it’s a search engine all of it’s own, second only to Google, where people often tread to find information. For your marketing video to show up on YouTube or Vimeo, it has to be put there. Share your videos on additional video hosting sites to increase traffic to your site.

This is such an effective tactic that there are companies dedicated to this task alone. Some production companies, New Slate Films included, offer this as an additional service to help make your video content as effective as possible.


Many sites that you may post your video to, include analytic data to give you an idea of what kind of audience is watching your content, and additionally, how many of those viewers are being led to your site (the ultimate goal). Google offers a free service, Google Analytics, that helps you understand what kind of traffic you’re getting on your site and where it’s coming from. It even links to other site’s analytics such as YouTube so that you can have all that information in one spot.

Using video analytics will help clue you in to who your audience is and where they’re hanging out online so you can better focus your video marketing efforts in their direction, and in turn making your video content as effective as possible!

TAKING these steps into consideration once you’ve created your marketing video content will surely help them to reach their full potential. Think of it as a little encouragement, giving them the push out the door that they need to go out into the world and live on their own; reaching out and interacting with potential customers in a far greater deal that you could do alone.

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About the Author:

Saj Adibs is the founder, filmmaker and creative director at New Slate Films, a Chicago based video production company. He has been creating films, commercial and corporate videos for the last decade.