How to utilize marketing videos for any size law firm!

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How to utilize marketing videos for any size law firm!

In the last year, we were able to work with several law firms and create unique marketing videos for each one of them. We worked with law firms as small as two lawyers to large ones with over 1000 lawyers.

Some knew exactly what they wanted as far as the video they wanted to create and some gave us the freedom to create something using our creative expertise.

Some used them on the website to promote their firm and some used them as an internal tool to share progress of the company at an annual meeting.

Let’s take a look at two of my favorites. One was a seven-person law firm that I’ve actually used personally and the other was one of the largest in Chicago with over 1000 lawyers worldwide.

Small law firm Video example:

M&B was a seven lawyer law firm that brought us in to create a marketing video to put on their website, post on Facebook and YouTube and reach new customers.
The budget was on the lower end as far as video production goes as they had no previous experience with video in the past and the potential result it may bring and was on a trial bases.

In our meeting, they gave us creative control to use our judgment to get their message across. The message was simple. They have a team approach to every case and when you hire one lawyer, you hire 7 lawyers and their collective experience. Our job was to make sure that message comes across in the best possible way.

We decided to interview 3 of the lawyers with the best camera presence. We planned out the questions based on what we heard at our meeting and then we spent a day at the office on a regular business days creating a documentary style video as they went on their regular day. The video was later edited down to less than 3 minutes, which is usually the sweet spot for these types of marketing videos.

Here is the final video.

Large law firm Video example:

On the other side of things, we worked with Winston & Strawn, which is one of the biggest law firms in the country. This was a very different production. We worked directly with the CIO of the company who had a script and very clear vision of what he wanted from the video.

We worked with him on weekly conference calls, as he was located out of state. We were able to provide storyboards for the graphical elements that were needed and he would approve them or ask for revisions based on his vision.

We were provided a style sheet which most large companies have that dictates the colors and fonts they use. Based on that, we selected a font and kept a blue color style for the video. They asked for a clean video, therefore we decided on a white background.
Pre-production took several weeks. Once everything was nailed down, 5 selected lawyers were highlighted in the video and the production took place over one shooting day at the W&S offices.
The editing process took several rounds of revisions mainly focusing on the graphical elements. W&S used this video at their annual partner meeting.

Here is the final video.


Regardless of the intentions, there are many options for law firms as far as video production goes. The reality of is, they can have great results internally or as an external marketing tool.

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