There’s more than one way for companies to reap the benefits of investing in video as a business tool.  While using it to market to customers on multiple platforms is a great contribution to your overall business plan, there are other ways video can help your company run more efficiently and even save time and money, without a single second of it being seen by the public eye.

We’re talking about training videos.  A large expenditure of company funds and yearly budget go to staff training programs, especially in corporations.  Whether it be the continued education of current employees, or getting new prospects on their proverbial feet to better equip them with the knowledge they need to represent your company, it’s costly.  There are wide ranges of ways in which video training programs can be beneficial in multiple circumstances.

Widen Your Budget In Other Areas

 If your company is on the larger side, and especially if it’s continuing to grow, odds are you already have some kind of employee training program in place.  For companies that are much larger, like corporations or fortune 500’s, the odds are even greater that a significant amount of the training budget goes to outside educational companies to bring in training professionals.  Those training professionals attend individual training courses, seminars, and conferences that make your employees have to take additional time away and travel to.  And multiple trainers are often needed to fit the needs of your ever-growing departmental demographics or even geographical locations.  All of those extra costs can be completely cut out with a well-planned video training program that can be used on-site, and for a long time.

Just the Initial Investment

Once the initial cost and production of your video training program is finished, the only real expense you would incur is your staff’s time to watch them – cutting out the middle man in most instances, saving you money, saving your employee’s time, and all around being more cost-effective.  While a video may serve your training purposes for months or years on end, individual trainers are paid by the day and they’re expensive. Think about it.


 Not only do training videos cut cost for you, but they also promote the independent learning that you want to see in your staff.  Many companies may also provide employee/student forums for those who are learning to connect and help one another, but the basis for video learning is usually done independently and shows the commitment and determination of employees to learn your brand to the best of their ability.

High Turn Around Breakthrough

 High turn around rates in both large companies and small businesses can take a toll on those who are continuously training and teaching new employees.  If your business has a high turn around rate, you might have to have staff members dedicated solely to the training task.  Teaching new employees the same thing over and over again, when they may only work for you for a short while isn’t incredibly cost effective.  But if you’re able to get the basics down on video that can be used countless times with all new recruits, you could save a lot of time and money, not to mention energy.