Is having a bad or mediocre online marketing video better than no video at all?

//Is having a bad or mediocre online marketing video better than no video at all?

Is having a bad or mediocre online marketing video better than no video at all?

Is having a bad or mediocre marketing video better than not having one at all?


Having an internet presence of some kind is basically required of most businesses today.  When someone needs a dentist, plumber, lawyer and so on, they no longer look to the yellow pages in a giant 2lb outdated book.  Instead, they do an Internet search.  If your business isn’t on the Internet, it might as well not exist.

First Impressions Are the Most Important

That said, your website has become the first representation of you and your company that people come into contact with.  And as we all know, first impressions are the most important.  So why not seize the opportunity to make the best first impression possible?  Having video on your site is probably the best way to do that.  It allows you to speak to your audience directly, eliciting a much more personal response than what text and pictures can do alone.

A Bad First Impression

I was recently looking for a new dentist (mine retired), so I did what most people do and searched in my area on Google.  There were more results than I could go through, but one that will remain unnamed, really stuck out to me – in a bad way.  They had a video.  At first I though this is great! – but then I watched it.  This particular office was a group of dentists all sharing the space, and the website alone was actually very clean and impressive.  But again, the video.  Ooooh, the video.

What They Did Wrong

They made every mistake in the book, and I really think that I may have actually considered calling them, if I hadn’t seen that video.  I wish I could link you to it, I really do, but I’m not out to pick on anyone.  However, I will tell you just a few of the mistakes they made:

1.  The video was of incredibly low quality , shaky, and filmed with someone’s handheld camera.

2.  Every clip was either over or under-exposed.

3.  The interviews were scripted, and obviously so, in an almost painful-to-watch kind of way.

4.  The editing was choppy and the musical choice would have fit in better at the beginning of a cheesy early 90’s sitcom.

Company Value Vs. Customer Value

Online video marketing has become so popular and relevant that you almost can’t compete without it.  But what happens when your video is, well, we’ll say less than great?  Remember, video becomes the first impression you’re leaving with anyone coming into contact with your company or brand online, which I’ll wager is a lot.  If I’ve learned anything just being a consumer myself, I see a direct correlation between the love and attention a company puts into itself, with the love and attention I think they will show me as a customer or client.

If You Do It Yourself, Do It Right!

Some companies prefer to make their videos themselves.  I think that’s great.  However, if I see the video and it’s clear that they’ve made that decision just because they didn’t want to spend the extra cash on quality to earn me as a consumer, I’ll run in the other direction.  Because if they don’t care about their own appearance, how could they possibly care about me?

In short, the poorly-produced and seemingly unprofessional video made the above mentioned group of dentists look unprofessional themselves.  They had their chance at a first impression, and they blew it.  It doesn’t have to be that way!

Take Your Time

Even if you’re eager to catch up with your competition, or to be relevant and current with your online presence, take your time.  A bad marketing video can really hurt your image.  Whether you decided to do it on your own or hire an outside production company, just remember – take your time, and if it’s ever a question of money vs. quality, choose quality every time.  It’s your first impression, don’t blow it!

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