The latest die hard movie, A Good Day to Die Hard spent $11 million dollars of the budget blowing up cars including a Lamborghini, Mercedes and BMW along with half the cars on the road.

Back in the day, Blues Brothers had the honor of spending the most money destroying cars reaching just over a 100 cars.  But it didn’t come close to the 132 cars destroyed and the 518 cars that were damaged in Die Hard.

There is so many cars being blown up in one chase scene that it is difficult to get passed it.  I found myself thinking about it for the next twenty minutes of the movie.

All in all, this latest Die Hard film cost over $92 million dollars to make.  That’s over 10% of the budget going to blowing up cars that may have been better used writing a more compelling script.  It ended up grossing $67 million at the US box office.

I watched the movie couple of times.  Although it lacked a good story, it was full of action and cliche bad guys.  I guess that’s what you expect when renting a die hard movie.  But I just can’t get over $11 million dollars worth of cars being destroyed.  I mean isn’t there a better way to spend $11 million dollars.  I’m sure we can all think of a few.