For just about as long as we can remember, the Saturday morning cartoons, the prime-time series thrillers, and the late night comedy hours of the television viewing experience, have all pretty much been had in one room.  Well ok, maybe not just in one room, but in millions of very similar rooms across the country built for one purpose – to watch television.  We call them tv-rooms, living rooms, family rooms, entertainment rooms, dens etc, but think about it – we love tv soooo much, that we’ve built a room just to pay homage to it.

It’s no wonder we’ve come up with a way to take our televisions with us wherever we go.  You can watch tv just about anywhere now!  But is it still considered ‘watching tv’ if you’re using a tablet to catch up on the latest episode of Gossip Girl while waiting for the train on platform 5?  I’m not so certain anymore.  On our smartphones and tablets, it’s more like taking it video by video.  And boy, do we watch video:  TDG, a market intelligence service, is boldly predicting that by 2017, tablet owners in the U.S. will watch 58 BILLION hours of video on their tablet devices (as opposed to the 38 billion in 2011).  Yeah, 58 BILLION.

Aditionally, at the end of 2010, Google joined with Ipsos OTX, an independent market research firm, to find out exactly how consumers were using their smartphones.  Some of their findings included:

-48% use their smartphones to watch video

-72% use their smartphones while consuming other media, including a third of those who use them while watching TV

-74% of smartphone shoppers make a purchase as a result of using their smartphones to help with shopping.

-88% of those who look for local information on their smartphones take action within a day.

How is this a market your business can afford to be missing out on?  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – if your business isn’t online, it might as well not exist.  And when so many of today’s consumers rely so heavily on mobile devices for so many of their web interactions, shouldn’t your business be mobile too?

So you have a website – great!  But.  Is your website mobile friendly? Is it even viewable on a mobile device?  If the answer is ‘no’ to either one of those questions, you’ve already missed out on a great number of potential customers.   It’s a great idea to invest in creating a mobile version of your site.

And what about all those mobile video watchers out there?  Well, if you already have video content on your site, you should make sure the format is mobile friendly.  Some formats, such as flash based, aren’t friendly with all mobile devices.  And if you DON’T have video content on your site, the other question would be WHY NOT?  Why would your business not want to take advantage of a 58 BILLION hour viewership?  Video marketing makes up a great deal of that estimated 58 billion.  And having video content on your site and marketing through video across the web, is the only way to reach those highly coveted consumers that are always on the go.  So be on the go WITH THEM!

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About the Author:

Saj Adibs is the founder, filmmaker and creative director at New Slate Films, a Chicago based video production company. He has been creating films, commercial and corporate videos for the last decade.