We talk about YouTube a lot around here, and it isn’t just for one reason alone. The ways in which having a presence on YouTube can help your business don’t end with just being findable on the largest video search engine out there. In fact, YouTube can help you earn money in a number of ways if you’re in the position to create great video content that people want to watch.

Monetize Your Content

YouTube has a monetize feature that allows you to earn cash for including advertisements with your content. Don’t expect to pay off your college loans with one video of your cat dreaming though. You need quite a few views to make use of this feature, or at least continuous content that each get a decent amount of views. You can also choose how you want to monetize, whether it be pre-stream, in-stream, or clickable advertisements on your video or channel page.

Monetizing Success!

Adorable does well on YouTube, and there’s one little boy who has it in spades. His name is Reagan, and he has a lot to say about toys. Armed with a video camera toting dad, and sometimes the assistance of his younger brother, Jack-Jack, Reagan and his father review new toys and give their opinions on playability. Each one of Reagan’s videos has views in the thousands, and toy companies have even begun sending him toys before they’re officially released for him to review and to get his feedback. Better yet, Reagan’s dad has monetized his review videos, which has probably put a nice big cushion in Reagan’s college fund (we hope).


On the other side of the spectrum, you have Vevo. Vevo is a music video website that is a joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Abu Dhabi Media. When’s the last time you turned on MTv and actually saw a music video? Is YouTube not the first place you go to look them up on the web? At the speed contributors upload content to the web and YouTube, it’s almost impossible to monitor unlicensed material and take it down before it’s viewed. By gaining licensing rights to multiple label’s music videos, Vevo has become the most relevant search option on YouTube when music videos are concerned. They monetize every single one of them, and they get millions upon millions of views. YouTube may have singlehandedly kept the music video alive, by keeping it a relevant outlet for the record industry to continue making money off of them.

Your Turn!

You may be asking yourself what you or your business may have to offer YouTube audiences to employ the monetizing program, and surely you do. Depending on the size of your business, you may be able to create your own content or hire an outside production company. Either way though, YouTube is a great way to connect your company to the rest of the world. Are you a dentist? – You could offer weekly or monthly snippets of dental hygiene advice and how-to’s. Do you own a yoga studio? – Offer videos on the correct way to do certain poses. The examples are really endless, if you’re a professional of any kind, you have something to offer and there are people out there who want to hear what you’re saying.

Open The Door

You don’t have to look at YouTube as a single entity to bring in revenue either. It can also just be a door in which people are led to your main site. You can include or overlay a link to your site on each video you upload and also encourage viewers to visit on your channel. Monetizing can just be an included bonus if you’re using YouTube to drive traffic to your main website. After all, how else are you promoting it?

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Saj Adibs is the founder, filmmaker and creative director at New Slate Films, a Chicago based video production company. He has been creating films, commercial and corporate videos for the last decade.