Most important strategy for video SEO

//Most important strategy for video SEO

Most important strategy for video SEO

If you have a website, I’m sure you know lots about SEO and what it can do for your website visibility.  The same rules apply for video as well.  Regardless of what term you search for on Google, you probably see a video link in the search results.  Well, how did that get there? Behind the obvious title and description of the video, Google looks at the keywords you choose to associate to the video.  Most video websites like YouTube allow you to select keywords that best describe your video.  Make sure you know the most important steps when doing so.

Choose different keywords for different videos.

It’s important to have very descriptive and relevant keywords that describe your video.  If you use the word video to describe you’re video, that doesn’t help you or anyone finding your video.  Use something like this for example.  I uploaded a video of cooking video on separating eggs.  I use keywords like how to separate eggs, cooking demo, separating eggs video, cooking show, cooking eggs, cooking egg video, egg demonstration and so on.

Keep your keywords short, but not too short. 

The rule of thumb here is two keywords.  So separating eggs is a good one.  It’s two descriptive words.  3 keywords is also good, but I would try to limit most of the keywords to that.  No reason to have a keyword that read like a sentence.

Choose your keywords using research instead of pulling them out of the air.

So you know what your video is about.  You have some ideas about what keywords you want to select.  The best free tool on the web is Google analytics.  You may already have one for your website to track visitors and figure out your pay per click campaign, but if you don’t, sign up for one.

Basically, when you come up with a keyword you want to use for your video, run a search with analytic and check what kind of traffic it gets.  If it gets too many like the word baby, forget it.  It will be on page 100 if you’re lucky.  If it gets 2 clicks a month, forget it.  It’s not worth the effort.  But if it has a decent monthly visit count, then those are the ones you want to focus on.

Chicago video production is one word that we focus on to target our video SEO.  Video Production Company or just video productions are a couple of more.  But typically, it’s more focused such as cooking show demo, or training video sample or small business marketing video.  We selected the first few by running analytics and realizing how many potential visitors the video can get.

This should give you some idea of video SEO optimizations.  As a video production company, it’s been a valuable tool for us to reach a wide audience with all of our videos.  But regardless of your video, from marketing videos to training videos, make sure it is fully optimized with keywords for the widest possible reach.

As a video production company, we focus a lot on video SEO to help our clients rank for their marketing videos.  Learn about few of the strategies.

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