NAB 2014 news: 4k video cameras are dominating

//NAB 2014 news: 4k video cameras are dominating

NAB 2014 news: 4k video cameras are dominating

Each year, professionals in the video production industries and production companies around the world look forward to NAB.  This year, 4k format is the big deal being released by nearly every camera maker.  The good news is, 4k is becoming more affordable, thanks to maybe manufactures such as Blackmagic and Sony.  So creating a 4k video for your next production at an affordable budget is very realistic.

The list below will update until the end of NAB 2014.  Check frequently to see the lastest announcements.

Sunday April 6th, 2014 NAB News

Sony announces Sony’s 4K A7s.

Some of the features: ultra-high sensitivity up to ISO 409,600, high color fidelity, 4K HDMI video output, and 120fps/720p recording.


AJA announce 4K CION camera for $9000.

AJA doesn’t make cameras, yet.  I guess after seeing what blackmagic is doing, they want to try their hand at it.

Some of the features: CION™ is the new 4K/UHD and 2K/HD production camera from AJA. Record directly to Apple ProRes 422 and 444 at up to 4K 60fps or output AJA Raw at up to 4K 120fps. CION features an ergonomic design and open connectivity to give complete flexibility in the field or studio.

Monday April 7th, 2014 NAB News

Blackmagic releases another 4k camera in 2014 for just $5999 with
interchangeable mounts and sensors. 

They announced their first one at NAB 2013.  But this one seems to be a game changer and has a lot of excitement around it, and it is only $5999.

Some of the features: 4k, super 35 sensor, 12 bit raw, 12 stops of dynamic range, dual recording on Cfast cards, massive 10 inch flip out screen, touch screen menus and user upgradable interchangeable mounts and sensors.Blackmagic URSA 4k


Blackmagic 4k is shipping in July 2014.  See more here: Blackmagic 4k camera 2014 specs.Blackmagic URSA


Blackmagic has 2 new 4k cameras at NAB 2014.

Not only do they have the game changer, they also have a studio 4k option for broadcasters for only 3k.

Features: The world’s first 12G-SDI broadcast camera for live Ultra HD production with 10” viewfinder, 12G- SDI, MFT lens mount, support for up to 2160p60, 4 hour battery, talkback, tally and more.  Learn more at Blackmagic’s website.  blackmagic 4k broadcast camera


Red announces a great price on Red Scarlet Dragon at $14500.

Red is the original camera manufacturer that introduced 4k digital recording to the world.  Not the scarlet is a 6k camera for less than 15k.

Recording specs:

  • 6K FF: 12 fps
  • 5K FF: 48
  • 4K FF: 60
  • 3K FF: 75
  • 2K FF: 120
  • 5K 2.4:1: 60
  • 4K 2.4:1: 75
  • 3K 2.4:1: 100
  • 2K 2.4:1: 150Red Scarlet Dragon 6k


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