Top 3 resources for finding the perfect music for your marketing video

//Top 3 resources for finding the perfect music for your marketing video

Top 3 resources for finding the perfect music for your marketing video

Having a successful marketing video requires many factors.  You want to inspire your audience, keep them engaged and motivate them enough to contact you.  One of the most important elements in the video that helps to do all of these things at once is the music.  The perfect music track can make the video great.  And a bad one, well it can ruin it.  So many clients have told me over the years how blown away they were after the music was put into the rough cut they first watched.  It completely changes the mood and the message if done right.

The music for the video has to be loyalty free.  That means you can’t just use any song you hear on the radio on your marketing videos.  Well, you can if you are willing to buy the rights that cost upwards of $100,000 or more.  Big companies sometimes do this for their broadcast commercials, but for the average company creating a marketing video, you can’t afford to spend that kind of money on the soundtrack.

At New Slate Films, we use three different resources to download music for our video production clients.  These websites allow you to buy tracks to use in different mediums.

1. Neo Sounds:

This website has a variety of songs in dozens of categories.  You can search songs by music genres, production genres, mood or instrument.  In each of those categories, there are several options as well.  For example, if you choose production genre, you can select action, business, drama, travel and many others.

You can also choose the duration of the song.  Most songs come in several durations from full version (that’s usually about 4 minutes), all the way down to 0:15 seconds for broadcast commercials.

The reason why this website is my first choice is because it allows you to download a low quality version of the song for free to send to clients or even line up with your edit and decide if it’s the right choice for the project.  Once you decided that the song works, then you can buy the track and download the high quality version for the final edit with full rights.

2. GMP music:

GMP music was the first resource I used for production music.  It allows you to download songs individually or download the entire album.  They also have variety of song effects to choose from.

One thing that made GMP stand apart from the others was their customer service.  They would call about once a month to check up and see if there is anything that they could do for my upcoming productions.  They were very helpful and friendly and I felt like I had my own composer at times.

Similar to other music libraries, you can search via genre or mood and browse the library that way.  You can also browse by album names.  Once you found a song that worked, you can usually find several similar songs on the same album.

3. Killer Tracks:

Killer Tracks is the industry standard when it comes to production music.  They go beyond the other options to provide you very high-end music for variety of different uses from broadcast to websites.  They have over 2000 digital albums making them the giant in the industry.

Unlike other sites, Killer Tracks requires the most steps for downloading songs and using them in your marketing video.  You can’t simply go on the website and click download.  You have to contact them and buy a subscription to their music library.  They have dozens of libraries to choose from and you can subscribe to one or as many as you like.

Killer Tracks is usually more expensive then the other options, but if you have a large need for music and looking for a vast library, it may be a good choice.  You can browse the library without logging in to see if the music fits your needs better than the other options.

Regardless of where you choose your music for your marketing video, make sure it fits perfectly with your message.  If you hire a production company to create a video for you, this step is usually done through them.  They usually have a vast knowledge of music genres and can pick a song that fits your needs.

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