Why Your Business Should Have A YouTube Channel

//Why Your Business Should Have A YouTube Channel

Why Your Business Should Have A YouTube Channel

YouTube is not what it was when it was first founded in 2005.  What once felt primarily a platform to exhibit funny videos of dancing hamsters, piano playing cats, and thrill seekers hurting themselves has now grown into the second most popular search engine after Google.  That’s right, search engine.  YouTube is no longer just a video hosting site, it’s grown into an information super-site.  This fact alone is also just another example of why it’s not only important for a business to have an online presence, but to also invest in video to make their online presence much more engaging.

YouTube is now described as a ‘search engine’, because getting information through video is now much more preferable by many than searching for sites that only have text.  Think about it as an information quick-fix, and we live in the era of quick fixes, don’t we? You can type just about anything into YouTube and more than likely get what you’re looking for; same day news broadcasts, how-to videos, commercials, music videos – it’s all there!

Now here’s the main issue you might run into with YouTube – if you don’t have a channel, you won’t show up!  YouTube doesn’t pull up your video from other sites, it has to be uploaded straight to their servers to be seen by the masses.  Even if you have video on your website, or floundering around on the internet in a video marketing campaign, it’s just not reaching its full potential.

Heck, even The Royal Household and The Vatican have caught on to this.  They’ve both created official YouTube channels to extend their reach in their PR campaigns.

What if you don’t already have video, you ask?  Glad you asked!  While it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses and brands to market and advertise through video, it’s never too early to get started on YouTube.  You can easily create your own channel on YouTube that links back to your business’ website, and ‘favorite’ other videos already on YouTube that relate to your product, brand, or service.  It’s an incredibly effective way of furthering your company’s reach, and the best part – you can always just add your own videos as you create them later!

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