Do Small Businesses Really Need a Promotional Video?

//Do Small Businesses Really Need a Promotional Video?

Do Small Businesses Really Need a Promotional Video?

In this rapidly progressing world, people simply don’t have time to read informative material that might take hours upon hours. The reason why promotional videos are trending is because they can convey the same message in mere 2 or 3 minutes.

Despite their popularity, some small businesses shy away from the idea of making a promotional video because they think that making one is not going to make a difference. That is simply not true and here are the reasons why:

·      Attention Grabber

Whether you have a small business or a large enterprise, video marketing is the easiest and fastest way to convey your message. This is because people find the combination of audio and visuals more appealing. People usually give a promotional video their full attention if the subject concerns them. It has also been proven that people can easily retain the information they receive from videos.

·      Less Processing Time

Common promotional videos take about as much time to watch as it would take a normal person to browse through a web page. But unlike a webpage, the pertinent information will be provided to your target audience in a format which is far more appealing.

·      Enables A Business to Reach a Wider Audience

This might be a little hard to believe but over 80 percent people who use the internet, prefer to watch videos to gain some type of information than to read about it. This means that if you choose to make a promotional video, then you have the chance to reach a much wider audience.

·      Cost Effective

Most marketing video production companies operate within the budget you set forth in the initial meeting. This gives you the power to spend as much or as less as you want, owing to which, despite owning a small business, you can make a very effective promotional video. Video production is also becoming cheaper by the day because of the emerging technologies, meaning that you won’t have to set a high budget to begin with.

·      Long Lasting

Promotional videos have a very long life. Unlike reading material, it doesn’t matter if you constantly update it or not. Once you make the video, you can use it not just for a few months but even for a few years.

Promotional video production can be completely hassle-free and even fun if you find the right production company. We at New Slate Films, specialize in picking the right style of promotional video for every business whether big or small. To know more, you can contact us anytime.

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