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As a Chicago based video production company with focus on result driven videos, we make the production process simple.

Here is our step by step process.

“We simplify high-end video production.  Learn about our process and then tell us about your video project. We’d love to help you bring it to the screen.”

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Initial meeting/conversation

First of all, contact us and tell us about your company. A brief description of what you do and what you want the film to say about you. You can send us a link to your website as well.

Once we receive it, we will get back to you within 24 hours with a proposal and a list of questions. Once you receive the proposal and decide to move forward, we pick a production date and locations and move to the next stage.

In most cases, we meet face to face to go over details at this point in our Chicago office.  During this stage, we will sign a contract, select deadlines and choose a payment schedule.

pre-production meeting

Screen Writing/Development

After our initial conversation, we will have a good idea on the direction we should go with the video.  At this point, we may need to write the script.  Our scriptwriters have the experience in telling your story in most clear and concise way.

Some videos don’t require a script.  For example, if you are doing a company overview containing interviews with your staff, we would draft questions instead of writing a script.  This allows for a more natural conversation during the interview.

Once we have the script or questions, we will run it by you and revise it until we are all ready to move forward.


This process is only relevant for TV commercials and animation videos.  We will create basic graphical storyboards to walk you through what the final video will look like.

Here is an example of our recent storyboard.


Cast & Crew

If your story requires actors or voiceover, this is when we choose it.  You will get a list of either head shots of actors or pre-recorded voiceover and have an option to select the one that you like best.

In the meantime, we assign a crew to the project.  We assign our in house director and producer to the project and have them select the necessary crew.  Some shoots require multiple camera operators, sound engineer, lighting crew and makeup.  But some can simply be a two person crew.  The decision on what’s needed for your shoot takes place at this stage.  We also select the equipment such as camera such as HD or 4K.

Now it’s time for production.



Some videos require one or several shooting days.  Some take place entirely in the editing stage such as animation videos and website overviews.

Our production days are a total of 10 hours on location or at the studio.  If the production is outside of Chicago, we will add a travel day.  During the production, our crew arrives on location or at the studio, typically around 8 am and begins load in and setup.  Our crews can range from 2 to 10 people depending on the scope of the project.

Here is a walkthrough of our basic company overview video.

On the production day, two people come to the location for the interview. We often interview the founder or owner the company unless they decide an employee would be a better fit for the interview. Our two man team consists of a producer with vast experience Conducting interviews with individuals without any previous on camera experience. And our director of photography will take care of the technical set up and set up a cinematic interview set up. The interview takes about half an hour. Then depending on our previous discussions, we get additional footage of you or your employees as well as space, products and so on. The length of this process all depends on the need and size of the final video. Some of our previous films required up to 3 days of production but it is often all done in one day.


During the editing stage, we take all the footage we capture during production and import it into our editing software and back it up to our remote server for safety.

We assign one editor to the project.  They work on our edit suite with oversight from the producer in charge of the project.  Our editors then begin to compile your story together.

This process takes 2-4 weeks on average.  Once we have a rough cut, we will share it with you.

editing blog

Animation/Motion Graphics

Most videos require some element of design.  Sometimes, it’s as simple as creating a motion animating intro or simply animating the logo.  Some videos are entirely created in this stage.

If your video is an animation video such an explainer video, this is where the entire production takes place.  Depending on the length of the video, this stage can take up to 6 weeks.

We will take the storyboard we creating during pre-production and bring it to life software such as using After Effects, Photoshop and sometimes Maya for 3D elements.



One of the music essential part of the video production process is choosing the perfect music for your video.

Music can make a major impact in the outcome of your video. We choose from a library of royalty free music and license the music depending on your need.

There is a different process for web videos and TV commercials. The music selection is often the first step of the post production process.

music for video production


We share the rough cut with you typically with music added, but may be lacking final touches.  At this point, you can share with your team and let us know your thoughts.  It’s always best to give us all your feedback at once in a google doc, so we make sure we can address all of them.

Revisions sometimes take 3 rounds depending on the complexity of the video and the size of the team approving it.  Once we finish all the revision and everyone is satisfied with the video, we get into picture lock, meaning no more edits and only final touches will be applied.

Color Correction/Audio Mix

In picture lock, we run the video through a color correction software and make sure it pops off the screen.  We then make sure the audio is perfectly mixed with correct levels and broadcast standards.

We do our basic color correction within Adobe Premiere and take more advanced color correction such as footage shot in Raw format to DaVinci Resolve.

color correction


The last step is handing over the final video.  Typically, we deliver the final HD video through dropbox or if required, a secured FTP.  For larger project, we ship a hard drive.

Often times, we work with a distributer such as a network to deliver the codec they require.

We also can create DVDs or BlueRay based on your needs.  We can replicate 1000s if required.

delivery-uploading digital videos


We are not a distribution company, but will be happy to point you to the right direction.  For example, most companies create a video for their website and stop there.  But that video can have a lot of benefits such as SEO and lead generation.  We will provide you a list of website for online distribution beyond your website.

We can also show you ways to track your video and see how it’s performing.  You should have a marketing plan that utilizes this video that is most beneficial to your company and potential clients.

And that’s our process from beginning to the end. For any questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to answer any of your questions.

We also can create DVDs or BlueRay based on your needs.  We can replicate 1000s if required.