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We all know this one. Television commercials are an advertising video that are distributed through network TV or cable. The length of these include 15, 30, 60 and 120 seconds.

See a sample of a 30 second TV commercial.

Besides varying in length, TV commercials vary in budget and style. A typical production for a television commercial runs over $100,000. But the sample you see here cost less than $15,000. Typically, we work with an advertising agency to create these for larger brands.

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Product videos are the most common form of video advertising.  You are trying to sell your product and what better way to make a video about it.  These can be distributed online or used as a television commercial.

These can be done in a comedy or educational genre just to name two.

See a sample of a very successful product video.

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We’ve all seen a documentary before, but here, we are talking about documentaries telling your story. Think of the story of Coca Cola or Apple. There has been documentaries made about them. You can have one made about you.

See a sample of a company documentary.

The budget of a normal length documentary can be $250,000 or more. But short format documentaries can be done for as little as $15000. This would require the entire story to be filmed in two days and supplemented with existing footage and images.

The length of these type of videos should remain under 10 minutes.

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Food videos are one of our specialties and have been on the rise in the last few years.  These can be how to videos and cooking demos.  They can be short, as little as 30 seconds or be a full recipe video in TV show format.

See a sample of a Food Video.

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From our initial meeting and brainstorming to script development, location scout, storyboarding and casting, we are here for you every step of the way before the first day of production, to make sure everything will turn out perfectly


The production stage of any video is the most exciting part when you get to see your ideas come to life. That’s why we do all the necessary work in pre-production to make sure all goes smoothly during production.


In the edit, it will all come together. The vision we’ve had since day one is finally coming together. From editing, to animation, color correction, sound mix and revision, we make sure you are kept informed every step of the way until you final video is delivered.