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Go Behind the Scenes at New Slate Films

Some businesses and individuals are still having second thoughts about having a promotional video made because they think that the process is fraught with challenges. That is why, one of the leading promotional video production companies, New Slate Films, wishes to enlighten people by informing them about the process right from brain storming the ideas to the end product.

The making of a promotional video has three distinct stages:

Pre Production

The First Meeting

The process begins with a meeting between the business or individual and a representative of the video production company, in which the clients can talk about their needs and expectations in detail. The company responds by sending a proposal within 24 hours. Once the proposal is accepted, the process truly begins.

Writing the Script

The company’s highly experienced script writers come up with an appropriate script and then it is sent to the client for approval.

Finalizing the Storyboards

If the video is intensive and complex, then it is further elaborated in the form of storyboards.

Finding the Right Cast and Crew

Actors, voice over artists, directors, producers and the rest of the production crew are handpicked after several auditions and assessments.


Shooting the Video

Depending on the complexity of the video, the shooting could last for days without including the travel time for foreign shoots. Often the representatives of the company are invited to observe the shooting and asked for their feedback. If there aren’t any issues then the shooting wraps up and the footage is sent towards the final phase.

Post Production


Scenes are not shot in a sequence, nor can every scene shot be included in the video. In the editing phase of the video the proper sequence is created and the best scenes are brought together.

Special Effects

Whether the video needs a little animations, bright graphics or catchy logos is decided in this phase.


Background music can be instrumental in storytelling. During this phase, the right type of background score or soundtrack is created to make the video more effective and appealing.

Final Revisions

A rough cut of the video along with the music is scrutinized and the appropriate changes are made.

Audio Mix and Color Correction

The color, brightness, contrast and saturation levels are either enhanced or made more demure and the edited sound is mixed with it.


The final product is handed over to the client through secure channels.


New Slate Films handles all aspects of video production and is not in fact a video distribution company. However, they are more than happy to make appropriate recommendations.

Overall, the company makes sure that the clients are inconvenienced as little as possible and are delivered an effective promotional video that surpasses all their expectations. To have New Slate Films handle your promotional video production, visit newslatefilms.com right now!

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Saj Adibs is the founder, filmmaker and creative director at New Slate Films, a Chicago based video production company. He has been creating films, commercial and corporate videos for the last decade.